Is your company having problems with the sharing of resources such as hard drives, printers, scanners, running programs installed on a networked computer or connecting all the computers in the office to the internet at any one time by a single line? Websys Technology - The Web Guys has the expertise to help. We offer wired and wireless networks to both businesses and residences.

Our network package include

  • Free site surveynetwork-installation
  • Network Cabling 
  • Wireless Network setup
  • Network printer connection
  • Network configuration
  • Server installation - DHCP, DNS, WINS, etc
  • Backup systems – both onsite and off-site
  • Network security software including virus, spam and spyware protection
  • Antivirus/Anti-SPAM/Anti-Relay Design and Implementation
  • Design and implementation of Remote Access and site-to-site VPN
  • Firewall implementation

About Us

Websys Technology - The Web Guys is an Information Technology company based in Accra, Ghana. We provide IT support services to startup companies, as well as small and medium scale enterprises, whose size does not justify hiring the services of a full time IT personnel, or setting up an IT departments. We understand that, for many small/medium scale businesses, it is simply not cost effective to have and a full time internal IT Support team, especially in the current economical climate. Read more

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